Top Tips To Create An Eco-friendly And Energy Efficient Baby Nursery



Preparing for your baby’s arrival can be overwhelming. One of the biggest challenges is the preparation of a nursery. As this is the very place where your baby will most likely spend the most of his time in, it can be just the most important room in your house. Aside from safety measures that include child-proofing almost everything, lighting, flooring, and the air circulation should all be highly considered. When it comes to the things the baby will be using, the most important thing parents should spend extra effort on is the bedding.

Thinking of nursery that is healthy and safe means looking at what one spends money on when it comes to children. Diapers, clothing, bedding and also nursery furniture and all considerations of an eco-friendly upbringing. When one first starts looking at these things in detail, it can be surprising to find that there are a lot of potentially hazardous issues. This article is going to talk about nursery furniture and nursery materials and how to create an Eco-friendly and energy efficient baby nursery:

– Going Green in the Nursery

First of all when it comes to the nursery there are many things one wants to do with it; paint it, put in new flooring and clean it. Carpets, paint and cleaning products all can emit toxic fumes called volatile organic compounds of which some are carcinogenic and can irritate the lungs and thus one’s breathing. Children are much more susceptible to toxins then adults as their lungs are smaller and they also breathe much faster. Babies are even more susceptible especially as their lungs are much smaller and haven’t developed as far as adults. Their immune and nervous system are only in the early stages of development. They also breathe faster. As a result they inhale more toxins than adults do and have much smaller bodies. This is also a caution for pregnant women, as inhalation of toxins can also affect the baby.

– Look For Eco-friendly Paints

The first step is to ensure that your baby has fresh, clean air to breathe. Conventional paints emit dangerous chemicals into the air called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs quickly enter a gaseous state and are chemically very similar to smog. They damage the ozone layer and are a threat to human health. VOCs are emitted from paint long after the paint is dry and can potentially affect your baby’s health.

When painting you need to give at least a month or so for the room to properly air before putting your baby in there. The longer you leave a room to dry and let the paint settle the better. It is also best to avoid conventional paint and look for ecofriendly paints and ones low in Volatile organic compounds (VOCs). You could also try looking for milk or natural paints. There are also paints that are completely VOC free and thus do not emit any fumes. These are well worth looking for to be extra safe.

– Think Of Anti-allergy Flooring

Besides paint there is also the floor to contend with. Carpet is far from ideal when it comes to toxins and being green. New carpet will emit VOCs and with its flame-resistant properties will also add more toxins into the mix. Carpets can also trap in dust, mold and pesticides and your baby will be crawling on it and be very close to it. Carpet is best avoided but there are some great alternative carpets such as cork or bamboo that you could use without the toxic issues. If you do not like the idea of a bamboo or cork carpet then wood flooring is the better option. You can also use natural rugs on the floor for particular areas to add some cosines and make it softer for your moving baby.

Lastly there is the issue of furniture. Many people do not think that furniture could possibly admit toxins – I didn’t at one point. However if you are buying cheap MDF/chipboard style furniture, this type of furniture usually contains formaldehydes that can be hazardous to health. Avoid them at all costs and only go for furniture that is formaldehyde free or solid wood. This means going for an organic baby bedding.

– Say yes to Organic Baby Bedding

There are countless types of baby bedding available in the market today. From classic to contemporary, it have evolved as manufacturers try to come up with the latest trends and innovations to suit the constantly changing styles and personal tastes of people. Organic baby bedding is becoming increasingly popular today. Since the release and introduction of organic bedding in the market, eco-conscious citizens have become ecstatic and have supported the product. There are several advantages when using organic products for your baby’s needs.

The main advantage of using an organic bedding would have to be its good effect on the environment. You don’t protect the environment just to say that you have done your part. Buying organic things actually help preserve the environment that your baby will eventually live in. Another thing is that an organic baby bedding does not contain any toxin that is potentially harmful for your newborn. An ordinary bedding is usually made from materials that have been heavily sprayed with insecticides or pesticides. A newborn’s skin is very delicate, and exposing it to harsh substances could weaken his immune system. Choosing an organic type can increase the baby’s sensitivity to developing allergies and respiratory problems.

You support ecological methods when you use organic baby bedding or any other organic products. By supporting ecological methods, you actually support its development so products made from organic may be improved further. All organic bedding are degradable, causing no harm to the environment. You can get this eco-friendly bedding at almost the same price as any other standard or ordinary bedding. Organic baby bedding are available in leading and local retail stores. You can also browse the Internet for online purchases if you are experiencing a sensitive pregnancy and are not able to go out to shop. Most manufacturers deliver these organic baby bedding right at your doorstep.





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