The Perfect Buyer’s Guide for First Time Buyers of Bunk Beds for Kids

Bunk beds can be very convenient options for children due to their great quality of making the most of the little space that they use. Moreover, the use of bunk beds also leaves more space for the children to play. Hence, these kinds of bedding solutions allow children to make the most use of the limited space that they are offered. After all, most rooms for children are usually smaller than those of other rooms in the house.

The use of the best bunk beds for toddlers also helps to provide the children with all the comfort that they need in order to sleep well, while not requiring the parents to splurge their money in expensive furniture and beds. However, it is critically important for parents to ensure that they choose the beds wisely and get the ideal beds for their toddlers in order to ensure that these beds serve their purpose. There are certain very important aspects that must be considered by parents when buying such beds for their children. Some of these important aspects have been discussed here.

How important is it to save space in the room of the children?

Apparently, a lot! Children tend to be very active and are always on the move. Very rarely does one come across a child who is not an active one, and does not run around the house much. Most children need a lot of space in order to be able to run around and play, which is an important activity for their overall growth and development. Hence, it is fairly important to ensure that their rooms have enough space for them to be able to move around and indulge in the activities that they wish to with all the freedom of the world.

Bunk beds allow them this freedom as they take up very small amounts of space, leaving the maximum amount for the children to use for their various playing activities. Moreover, the amount of space consumed by bunk beds become more important when one considers that fact that the rooms for children in most houses are not that large. Parents usually tend to build small rooms for their children thinking that the use of large spaces would only be a waste according to the small body structures of their children. Hence, the best bunk beds 2017 can be of great advantage in using the space available judicially.

The importance of indoor play areas

As explained earlier, play areas are greatly important for the proper growth and development of children. Hence, it is important to allow them spaces where they can set up shop and indulge in fun-filled games and similar activities. Now, most parents usually develop a small playground in the backyard or the lawn, and feel that this playground would be adequate for their toddlers. Well, these kinds of outdoor playgrounds are definitely important for children, and their significance in the proper development of a child cannot be diminished in any manner.

However, that does not comprise the whole of the playing area that a child needs. Toddlers tend to play for the entire duration that they are awake. So, any place where they are becomes a playground for them for that moment. So, when their rooms are made spacious by making use of these bunk beds, it allows them to use the remainder of their rooms as a miniature playground as well. This also helps them to avoid running into the many furniture items in the house and getting hurt, as they are content to play within their own rooms which are mostly safe environments for them.

How to save space when there are multiple children?

It is often easier for parents to make furniture purchasing choices when there is only one child to consider when doing so. However, the same cannot be said for parents who have more than one to consider. Now, getting the best beds from a store that offers bunk beds for sale is a great option when there are two children in the house. Both can use one bunk each, and use the available space wisely among them. However, what does a parent do when they have three or even four children to cater to? Do they build separate rooms for them or make use of the entire room to fit in single beds?

Well, there are several triple and even quadruple bunk bed configurations that such parents can obtain for resolving such issues. These beds simply have a few additions that need to be made to double bunk beds to enable a third or even a fourth child to be accommodated. However, such additions cannot be made to any double bunk beds. These types of configurations are specifically made and designed to leave room for adjustments when the number of children in the house increases. So, parents can opt for such bunk beds according to their current needs, and then make necessary additions when the numbers rise.

How much importance needs to be given to the safety factor?

Well, safety is one of the most important aspects that must be considered by parents when deciding about bunk beds to choose for their children. As discussed earlier, children appear to be very active and like to move around all the time. This is also true for some children when they are asleep. Some children have the tendency to move around subconsciously whilst they are asleep. This makes it all the more important for parents to opt for bunk beds that not only offer comfort to the children, but also cater to the safety requirements of the children during their sleep. Proper railings and efficient sturdiness of the beds are some areas that parents must look at while buying such beds for their kids.

Moreover, parents also need to look into the safety aspects of beds when the children are awake. Being awake simply means that the children are more active, and this is the time that they are most likely to get hurt if they bang against the beds. Hence, it is important for parents to opt for best bunk beds for toddlers made with soft materials so that children do not really get hurt much even if they bang against the beds.

The age of the child and their dimensions must also be considered

Bunk beds are meant for kids only up to a certain age. Parents cannot really expect their teenage children to sleep in bunk beds. Forget sharing beds, teenagers do not even prefer to share rooms, and prefer to have their own privacy, even if it means making a compromise with the space and the capacity of the rooms. However, toddlers and small children are better served with such bunk beds as they are less likely to cringe about things like privacy. Hence, bunk beds are ideal for kids up to the age of 13-15 years.

Moreover, when opting to purchase bunk beds, parents must also consider

the height and size of the children so that the beds can also be obtained according to the necessary dimensions. Some children tend to grow quicker than others, and reach good heights even at early ages. Then again, there are a few who can get really healthy and the regular sized bunk beds just may not be the best fit for them. Hence, it is very important for parents to opt for such beds only after proper consideration of the heights and other such dimensions of their children. This will ensure that they are able to get the right furniture for their kids.

The heights between the two beds must also be considered

Since bunk beds are laid one on top of the other, it is important to consider the length of separation between the two beds. This will ensure the child using the lower bed to have proper headspace for movement. It is often seen that parents opt for bunk beds for sale that do not have adequate separation. This causes the children to bang their heads and get hurt every time they attempt to make any movement. It also makes it all the more difficult for parents to sit on the sides when they have to indulge in bedtime stories or similar such conversations.

Moreover, having the beds separated by a good height will also enable parents to hang certain items from the top bunk without having to worry about such things being too low for the child. Toddlers often prefer to have such toys hanging above them as it allows them to sleep better. Some children also prefer to fill the underneath portion of the top bunk with glittery stuffs like stars and other such things. Having the top bunk on a good height will help them to make this activity fun, and also ensure that they are able to enjoy that without the fear of getting hurt.

Parents with a single child can also consider loft beds

Bunk beds are particularly helpful when parents have two or more children to accommodate. However, what are the options for parents with a single child? What can they go for that will off them the same benefits as bunk beds do? Well, the answers to these questions lie in loft beds. These beds are similar to bunk beds in the aspect that loft beds are also placed on a raised platform so that the space beneath the bed can be utilized by the child for playing and other similar activities. The most primary difference between a loft bed and a bunk bed lies in the fact that the former comprises of only a single bed, while the latter may have two or more beds.

Loft beds are the ideal choices for parents having to deal with only a single toddler child. This allows them to get all the benefits of the bunk bed, while at the same time, saving more space for allotment to the play area of the child.

So, where does one find the best bunk beds for their children?

Well, there are a large number of places where parents can obtain the finest bunk beds for their children. There are several local furniture stores that have good quality beds that parents can check before buying them for their children. However, parents can also look for the best bunk beds 2017 online as they would have access to a wide range of choices. The choices would not only be available in the form of designs, but also in the form of qualities of the beds and the prices range as well. Another great reason for using the online services to get these beds would be the variety in the number of different manufacturers of such bunk beds.

After all, different manufacturers would have different techniques and finishing styles, and this would offer greater versatility than any furniture store in the local market. Parents can also compare the prices to get the products of their desires within the best prices range. Certain online services also offer attractive discounts that can help parents to save a lot of money on their purchases. Hence, buying the bunk beds of choice from an online store can be beneficial in a number of ways.

Hence, as it can be seen, it is important for parents to consider a number of different aspects before getting the best bunk beds for their children. A higher price tag or the reputation of the brand does not always mean that the product will be the best for a child. Every child has their unique requirements, and the beds must be chosen accordingly. The rooms of the children are also important for consideration when choosing such furniture for them. Proper consideration of all such factors will ensure that parents are able to get the best bunk beds for the proper comfort and safety for their children. It will also help them to ensure proper growth and development among the children by taking care of a large number of different developmental aspects of the children. After all, development of a child is no mean joke for parents!


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