How to choose the perfect kid’s bedroom furniture for a boy’s room

Kid’s bedroom furniture for a boy’s room come in a vast variety of different styles. Their price and quality also varies depending on the material they are made up of, from cheap fibreboard pieces to those long lasting ones that are handmade from high-quality wood. Much like decoration, the furniture in a boy’s bedroom should reflect his current interests and personality. To avoid the need to update, the bedroom can even be furnished with classic style furniture.

Measure The Interior Of The Bedroom Before Choosing

The shape and size of bedrooms tend to vary. Some boys may have a small bedroom with no more than 10 feet x 10 feet of space, while others may have a bedroom large enough to house many different kid’s furniture pieces. Accordingly, parents can even look for kid’s bedroom furniture sets that include a choice of various furniture pieces. However, parents should analyze and measure their boy’s bedroom before they choose anything. That should also take into consideration any low ceilings, odd corners, and/or windows in the bedroom.

For bedrooms with a limited ceiling height, i.e. a low ceiling, the vertical height of the bedroom should also be kept in mind. This is important because pieces like a bunk bed or bed with a loft may not fit inside such a bedroom.

Choosing Kid’s Bedroom Furniture For A Boy’s Room

Pieces of kid’s bedroom furniture that can be considered for a boy’s bedroom include a bed, bookshelves, a dress and a nightstand, while there are plenty of others. Matching desks, mirrors and play lofts are also worth considering. As mentioned, measuring the bedroom will provide a good idea of the pieces that will fit inside.

The Bed

Every bedroom needs a bed. For boys, there are a variety of options. Typically, the more popular choice is bunk beds, especially for bedrooms with small spaces. Bunk beds either have two same-sized beds, a larger bottom bed, or a bed on top and an empty space beneath. Trundle beds, which have a compartment or a mattress that rolls out from under, are another choice. Captain’s beds or platform beds that have drawers under them, or simply race car beds are also good choices.


Bookshelves are not just for books, rather other items in a boy’s bedroom can also be placed on the shelves. In fact, a nightstand may not necessarily be required if a bookshelf is placed near the bed.


A kid’s desk is another piece that parents should consider when furnishing their boy’s bedroom. If the boy is just a toddler, it may take some time before he starts using the desk, but it worth investing in one beforehand. Most boys should have a desk once they are in elementary school since they will be able to use it to do their homework.


Most bedrooms tend to have dressers. A boy who has a dresser in his bedroom will be able to store his clothing and other items in it. A dresser is actually worth considering if a boy’s bedroom has limited and small space. Both the space inside the drawers and on top of the dresser will prove to be useful.

What To Consider?

Along with knowing what kid’s furniture pieces they should choose for their boy’s bedroom, they should also consider the style of those pieces. The tastes of children tend to change quite rapidly and it is unlikely that parents would want to replace the furniture pieces in their boy’s room with new ones every couple of years. Hence, classic and traditional wooden furniture pieces are likely to maintain their appeal for the boy as he keeps on growing older.

While looking around for suitable kid’s furniture pieces for their boy’s bedroom, parents should also keep their budget in mind. If they are going to buy furniture pieces with sizes and styles that the boy will eventually grow out of, they should avoid spending too much of them. If they want the furniture pieces to last longer, then they may invest in good quality furniture pieces, while still staying within their budget.

Before choosing the furniture pieces, they should be thoroughly inspected. In particular, parents should keep an eye out for fraying seams, peeling paint, protruding screws, sharp points and warping wood slats. These will only become obvious upon inspection. Additionally, the presentation and specification materials should also be thoroughly read. Parents will be able to find instructions on installation, cleaning, maintenance and safety in them.

What Else To Buy When Buying Kid’s Furniture?

When buying kid’s bedroom furniture for a boy’s bedroom, there are two additional things that will have to be purchased. In fact, the choices will be somewhat interdependent.


The bed that will be purchased will require bedding and in a boy’s room, the bedding usually reflects his current interests. For instance, a boy may be interested in animals, cars or a particular cartoon character, so parents should choose the bedding accordingly. Bedding is actually not as expensive as new furniture pieces, which makes them a cost-effective alternative for upgrading a boy’s bedroom. Instead of the furniture pieces, the bedding can be replaced every couple of years, or whenever the boy finds a new interest.


Most bedrooms have a window or more, which means that curtains will also be required. Curtains can also be easily replaced if the look of the bedroom needs to be updated over the years. Curtains can even serve a dual purpose, blocking out the light and decorating the boy’s room. Parents can even find kid’s curtains for their boy’s bedroom, which are usually decorated with something that a boy will be interested in, such as animals or cartoon characters.


Kid’s furniture pieces for a boy’s bedroom are quite an important purchase that every parent has to make at least or even more than once in their lives. Perhaps that is why parents often tend to get confused and overwhelmed when they are searching for these pieces of furniture. Hopefully, all of the above information will help make their choice easier, allowing them to choose the right furniture pieces that their boy will love and will last long enough. Along with the above considerations, parents may also consult their boy and even include him in the ultimate buying decision since the furniture is for his room, unless he is too young.


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