Enhance Your Child’s Room with Kids Decor

To decorate your child’s bedroom, there are many kids decor to choose from. But first, determine the personality of your child and his likes and dislikes before you start decorating. The bedroom is one part of the house where your child should be able to dream, be more creative, be relaxed and be his own self.

If your child could already express what he wants, you two can decide what to decorate his room. Let both your creative talents and imagination come to the fore!

So many themes can be adapted to inspire your child to decorate his own bedroom. If your child is a boy, an animal-themed bedroom could be his choice as lots of kids like animals. Or you could do it with his favorite sports, make it as his playing field complete with memorabilia to further accentuate his room with sporting gear, trophies and awards. Other themes like ships and boats or his favorite cartoon character, musician or band could also be used.

A lot of themes are specially designed for pretty little girls, if your child is a girl. Kids decor items about princess, castles, garden, and fairies would be very much loved by your little princess. A drapery hanging and flowing on her bed will send her to feel that she is a true princess. Or she could imagine herself to be a fairy highlighted with a matching magic wand with a fairy tale design. Or the two of you could choose to make use of her favorite cartoon character.

Everything in your child’s room will be decorated with his or her chosen theme. The bed sheets and pillows will not only be the ones with designs but also the walls. Themed-accent furniture will complement the decoration. Wall clocks, placemats, rugs, and drawer handles are only a few that could also be used to decorate the room. The waste basket could come in the same design also!

Painting the wall with his favorite theme could alternatively be done with wall decals if you happen to be a little indecisive. It is also easy to install and you can do it on your own. It could be easily removed; hence, you could always transfer the decoration to any part of the room as your child wishes. Other wall art includes putting the name of your child on the wall by painting it or using wall stickers. A line or two of his favorite song could also be placed on the wall.

There are many available kids decor in the market today. You will not have a hard time deciding which theme you could use to decorate the bedroom of your son or daughter.

Always keep in mind that the design should inspire your child to learn, explore and dream. The bedroom is his place where he could play and be his own self. The design could not only make your child perfectly happy but it could also develop more the creative side of his personality. Just do not forget his safety as you decorate his room!

5 Smart Tips to Decorate Your Kid’s Room

So you have a new room for your child. You are excited to decorate it. Parents really, do. You think you want your kid’s room to be something fascinating for his eyes and for his visitors as well. If you do not know where to start, try these smart tips:
Paint the wall the cartoon characters
Kids love cartoon characters, such as Sponge Bob Square Pants. Why not paint it on his room’s wall? Ask him which character or characters he wishes to be painted on the wall. This painting will surely wear out, but not his interest with it. Why not filled his room with the same stuffs of toys also? This will bring more excitement and pride to him. In fact, his friends may also wish to stay in his room because of this decoration.

Paint the wall and buy things for his room in one color, but with different shades
Blue and pink are the colors commonly used to distinguish the gender of the child; blue for boys and pink for girls. However, other than pink and blue, you may decorate his room using other colors. The only key here is to use one color for his stuffs, such as pillow and blanket, cabinet, bed, wall decoration, and others, and for the painting in the wall in. To make variations, buy this color in different shades.

Make a themed bedroom
If you have a girl for a child, why not use Disney princesses, such as Cinderella and Snow White, as your theme? Paint the wall with images of the Disney princesses. Decorate the room with things that go well with the Disney princesses, such as dolls in their colorful gowns. Put them in a display case.

Mixed-colored bedroom
For a simpler and cost-effective bedroom, just have a variety of colors in the room. Have the bedroom in pink (blue, if boy), the wall in yellow, the cabinet in blue, and so on and so forth. Children are very attractive to colors that they would surely appreciate a mixed-colored bedroom.

Have a division for his needs and activities
If you have a large room for your kid, separate his needs and activities through divisions. You need not literally put divisions because this will only make the room look smaller and not conducive for his movement. Remember, kids must be free to roam around his room. Just visualize divisions. Put everything in its proper place. For one, make one corner his study area. Place there his books, pencils, papers, and other school supplies. If you have a computer, place it near the books. This will make your kid think, as he grows up, that computers are primarily used to study and not to play online games. Make the other corner his play area, where his toys are present and where two or three of his friends can fit in, in case, he wants them to play there. Of course, the sleeping area should fill the other two corners and other wall decorations.

Decorating your child’s room is exciting, especially if it is done with your kids. Ask him to help you with the decorations. Your child can do simple things for you.



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