Best bunk beds for adults

The primary application for the invention of this ingenious invention is to reduce the amount of space occupied by large and multiple beds in a room. Bunk beds have been around for hundreds of years and have evolved to become more polished, comfortable and safe. Not only are they used in homes, bunk beds are most often than not, used in hotels and dormitories as well.

Choosing the apt bunk bed might be a tough task due to the availability of various designs and sizes available, each differing from the other in terms of size, shape, color and materials used.

The most basic types of bunk beds designed are as follows:

The traditional Twin over Twin bed:

The most commonly sought after kind is the twin over twin bunk bed which is ideal for kids. This type has two twin beds placed one atop the other. The size of the twin bed might be a tight fit for an adult, but it is the cheapest option available, generally used for dormitories, summer camp buildings or even a kids room.

Twin over full:

This type of bunk bed is composed of a full sized bed which has a narrower twin sized bed atop it. These type of bunk beds can be shared between an adult and a child, or even two children since the broader lower bed can support the space for two. Since the lower bed is broader, it is slightly more expensive than the conventional twin over twin and occupies a little more space

Full over full:

The full over full bunk beds are ideally suited for two adults or can be shared by four children. It encompasses one massive, broad bed over another of the same shape and size. These are the most expensive among the three but more convenient in saving floor space. These are generally the best bunk beds for adults and kids and the bunk beds that fall under this category have some of the best adult bunk bed reviews.

Bunk beds with stairs:

Although the older models of bunk beds come with a ladder attached, the newer models have a staircase made and infused in place of the ladder for safety reasons. These are also slightly more expensive than the conventional models. Another variation of this model is one where drawers or shelves are integrated with the stairs of the staircase or even have pull out drawers attached to the bottom of the lower bed. These are not only space efficient, but with a little extra work and cost, provide a decent amount of storage space.

Other important attributes needed to decide the quality of the bunk bed is the material used, whether it be wood or metal. Although wood is more sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, it is highly expensive when compared with metal beds which are more durable, compact, cheaper and long lasting.


Here are a few of the best bunk beds for adults and kids that have been reviewed :

1)Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed :

1. The Dorel Home Products Twin-Over-Full Bunk Bed is the ideal choice if one is looking for a cheap, no frills kind of bunk bed. With its metal frame, it blends perfectly with the room.

2. The additional floor space gives the option for attaching a trundle or for the addition of drawers for storage space. The bunk beds come in three separate colors and although the price is low, the quality is maintained.

3. However, it fosters one disadvantage similar to most metal frame bunk beds. The beds cannot be detached into two separate beds if required.

4. It is an ideal choice for both adults and children and needs no assembly.

2)Bedz King Stairway Bunk Bed Twin over Twin:

1. The twin over twin bed converts into two separate bed whenever needed and has the added advantage of having three drawers affixed to the stairway included at the side of the bunk beds.

2. The honey finish of the beds is completely child safe and the structure of the bed has been tested for stability.

3. It comes with a built in staircase instead of a ladder which causes the price to fall in the steep end. This is, however, made up for using the storage drawers.

4. The bunk beds require assembly with the help of the included tools.


3)Donco Full over Full with Trundle:

1. This bunk bed follows a traditional full over full bunk bed with two ladders attached on both sides of the beds.

2. The larger size of the lower bed allows for a spacious trundle that can be pulled out and used as a storage space or a separate bed that can accommodate a child.

3. If necessary, the bed can be broken up and disassembled into two separate beds. The pine wood provides great stability and durability and polished with a sheen of cappuccino or espresso as required.

4. The Donco Full over Full with Trundle is a great choice for its price and the entire structure meets the ASTM and CSPC safety standards.

4)Coaster home furnishings full on full bunk bed :

1. The Coaster home furnishings full on full bunk bed is well suited for its metal finish and contemporary style and has some of the best adult bunk bed reviews. It is of high quality and of little to no wobble on both the top or the bottom beds.

2. A metal curved feature doubles as ladder and serves a minimalistic approach to connect the two beds which is safe for use. The two full beds can support up to three hundred pounds and the lush space available is more than comfortable for a virile adult to sleep on.

3. The entire structure of the bunk bed however takes up a reasonable amount of space due to the full on full structure.

4. The bed needs to be assembled before it can be used, but a reasonable amount of assistance may be required, given the size of the bed.

5)Bedz King Bunk bed, full over full mission style :

1. The beds are constructed using solid and sturdy pinewood which adds to the quality and a cappuccino shade for a subtle, sophisticated finish and has been tested for safety.

2. One of the more popular traits of the bed is that it can be broken down and separated into two beds if needed.

3. The solid weight of the bed requires assistance before it can be assembled. The set is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a quality yet affordable bunk beds and it is completely child friendly as well.

Hence, no matter what kind of bunks beds one decides to get, whether it is for adults or for kids, proper research on the matter is vital before it is purchased.


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