Baby Bean Bags and Bean bag chairs review

One of the key determiners of a healthy development for a baby is good sleeping patterns. However, for a mom or a nurse to ensure that a baby gets the sleep they require, the process is easier said than done. Many parents have admitted to having problems in getting their babies settled, for one reason or another, one of them being uncomfortable seating postures. The best that you can do as a parent is to ensure that your baby has a comfortable, calm and quiet environment withing which they can rest. Keeping a keen eye on your child can help you identify the factors that might be complicating their settling process. The other part that remains is to ensure that your baby is well fed and warm before they sleep.

At times, it becomes difficult to settle babies using convectional methods such as teaching them to differentiate day and night and play and nap time in an effort to get them to stick to one regular routine. This explains the recent escalation and introduction of different models and brands of baby bean bags in the market.

Definition of a baby bean bag
Baby bean bags are comfortable and innovative seating solutions that are designed to cater for the needs of a baby. They are different from the regular bean bags in that they are smaller in size and are custom made for babies, meaning that they are optimized for safety and comfort. The products are filled with micro beans (small pellets) and come with double stitched edges to ensure safety and longevity. They are lightweight and easy to carry, and boasts a harness that guarantees security and safety of the occupants. There is also a model of baby bean bag chair that utilizes covers that can be swapped and a soft fabric making it more than a mare luxury. All these features makes them present a number of benefits which characterize a particular effectiveness for settling a baby. These benefits include:
1. Relieving reflux

If you are a first time mum or an expectant mother, the term reflux might be a new vocabulary to you. Reflux simply means a situation where the contents of your baby’s stomach comes back to the food pipe or to the mouth of the baby. It is very similar to throwing up or belching, but in this case, the contents are usually acidic and very uncomfortable to the baby. A baby bean bag or a baby bean bag chair allow the baby to maintain an upright position when feeding or after feeding, which is the best way to relieve refluxes.
2. Stability
Convectional rockers come with a number of health risks for your baby, especially when you put in mind all the sharp edges. Baby bean bags are filled with a soft and durable material that make then stable and durable. In addition, these products comes with a double zipper that ensure that the fillings of the bags remain in place. This is all meant top ensure the security and safety of the baby.

3. Portability
These products are super light weight making it possible to carry them anywhere at anytime. The construction material of baby bean bags are also easy to clean and made of food grade fabrics meaning that they pose no health risk even when chewed on. They also come in attractive colors which will draw the attention of the baby, a feature that works very well in settling the baby.

The philosophy behind baby bean bag chair
A baby bean bag chair is basically geared towards babies who fall under the age category of 0 to 12 months. It is meant to be a portable play and sleep chair for your baby. The philosophy behind the making of this chair is that it will hold your baby in place to keep them upright in an effort to help relieve colic and reflux. As babies develop more from the infant stage, the chair serves as a platform from which they can comfortably interact and learn from the surrounding environments.

Can a baby bean bag really help baby sleep
Now let us look at the main question, does a baby bean bag really help a baby sleep? Well, as we have seen before at the beginning of this article, a baby bean bag is made from soft fabric that guarantees the comfort of the baby. It also come in bright colors that work very well in soothing the baby. Therefore we can comfortably say that a baby bean bag does help get your baby to sleep. However, it is not advisable for a baby to sleep on the bean bag. The product is only meant to settle the baby and get them to clam down. From there, the mother should pick up their baby and rock them or transfer them to a cot.

Why Parents Prefer Baby bean bags and bean bag chairs over rockers
The products are are comfortable and safe for babies and with the newest trends, there is a rise of bean bag chairs, most parents have turned to these products that allow them to carry out other chores and tasks while their little ones are safely strapped in a comfortable chair. Baby bouncers and rockers were traditionally preferred for this purpose but as time passed, parents realized that these products are not ideal for all babies. For example, a baby who suffers from regular reflux may suffer more in a rocker that only allows for a laying position. This laid back position has also been associated with Flathead condition for babies.

Using a baby bean bag as a baby snuggle bed
There are models of baby bean bags referred to as baby snuggle beds, that are filled with highest quality memory foam, which shapes according to the body of the baby and adapts to the weight as the bay continues to develop. These snuggle beds are extremely durable and also come in bigger sizes for adults.

Final Verdict
Based on their soft outer fabric, secure bean filling, and interchangeable covers that provide a safe, flexible and cosy rocker alternative for your baby to use from birth to school going age, baby bean bags are the perfect accessory for any mom, as they offer a wide range of practical health benefits to your baby.



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