If you are looking to save space in your kids’ bedroom, then the loft bed is your best option. Not only is the loft bed a quick space-saving measure, it is also a lot of fun for the younger ones. Your kids will find having a loft bed in their room thoroughly entertaining, and in no time, they will have created a little world in their room just for their own exploration.

How does the loft bed save space?

The main benefit of having a loft bed in your kids’ bedroom is the space-saving effect. Your kids need a lot of room to play in and maneuver, but ordinary beds will cut off some of the space they would need for extensive play. A loft bed on the other hand, occupies minimal space, leaving the rest of the room free for your kid or kids to play comfortably. If your kids’ room is a bit small, then the loft bed would be the perfect purchase.

In addition, lofting the beds in the kids’ room is the best possible idea if multiple kids are sharing the room. Lofting the beds suitably will ensure that every child has a bed, as well as enough space for collective play.

You can also create space for additional features in your kids’ rooms by incorporating loft beds. For instance, you can use the space under the loft bed as an additional closet or storage area for your kid’s clothes or toys. You can also use this space, if the bed is high enough, to create a workstation complete with a desk and chair so that your child can have a comfortable place to do homework.

With that said, the following are some of the best loft beds in the market right now. These loft beds come highly rated by actual customers, which mean that ordinary people had a great experience with these beds.

1. The Dark Cappuccino

This sturdy loft bed comes in a rich cappuccino color that would blend well with different types of decor. The bed is made from premium pinewood, which is a higher quality construction material than the more commonly used plywood. Pinewood is stronger and much more durable, both of which are essential to your child’s safety when using the bed.

The bed is easy to assemble as long as you follow all of the instructions provided. More importantly, the dresser drawers are amazingly strong, and they can withstand any form of abuse. Other impressive features of this loft bed include a sturdy desk and bookcase, both of which your child can pull out when they want to use.

The loft bed also comes with a strong and wide ladder, which is optimal for your child’s movement up and down the bed. The ladder can adequately withstand your child’s weight even when they are moving up or down in a hurry.


2. The Twin Over Full Loft Bed in Merlot Finish from Discovery World Furniture

The Merlot Lacquer Finish on this loft bed is exquisite, offering a stylish touch to your child’s bedroom. The twin style is a current trend in the loft bed market, and this will ensure that the room remains modern. Furthermore, this loft bed comes with strong vertical supports that guarantee longevity of the bed as well as enhance its overall look and design. The warm Merlot finish will also ensure that the bed maintains its polished look for several years to come.

Other than the style of the bed, you will also appreciate the efforts that the manufacturer has gone to in order to guarantee the safety of your child. The pine and steel combination used in its construction give the bed maximum strength, resilience, and durability.

You can separate the bed into two different beds, a full one below, and an upper smaller twin above it. The ladder is strong, easily detachable, and slightly slanted, to make it easier for your child to go up and down using it. Furthermore, the under-bed comfortably accommodates six strong drawers as well as more shelves for additional storage space. Drawer assembly is done beforehand prior to delivery.

The biggest con here is that assembly of the bed will take time. In addition, if you have wooden floors, you will need to add some furniture pad so that the wheels on the frame do not scratch the floors.

3. The DHP Abode Full-Size Loft Bed Metal Frame with Desk and Ladder, Black

This is an ideal loft bed if your child’s bedroom is small, and you are looking into maximizing the space. This loft bed is functional, versatile, and occupies as little space as possible so that your child has more space to play in the room. The loft bed comes with a desk and a number of shelves underneath the bed. Your child can use this desk for doing homework, and the shelves for extra storage.

The loft bed also comes with two ladders, one on the front, and one on the side. There are guardrails on the upper side of the bed that help ensure the safety of your child while they are up on the bed.

It also has a chic look, which will go well with the bedroom’s décor, and comfortably match your growing child’s personality. The bed can accommodate a full-size mattress.

4. Naples White Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed by Home Styles

This exquisitely designed loft bed is reminiscent of outdoor adventures. This piece of furniture will definitely improve any décor, and bring some aesthetic appeal to your child’s room.

You can assemble the ladder on either side of the bed, which gives your child some flexibility when it comes to going up and down the bed. You can also transform the space underneath into a fort, or a reading area, or extra play space for when your child has friends over.

The bed is available in several non-toxic finishes, all of which are durable. Hence, you can pick the finishing that would fit right in your child’s room and blend well with the rest of the features. Assembly is also quite easy as long as you follow the manufacturers’ instructions.


  1. Your


This loft bed is made from high quality pinewood, which helps guarantee safety, sturdiness, as well as durability. The white finish and stain will blend perfectly with the décor in your child’s room.

You can mount he ladder on this loft bed either on the right or on the left side of the bed. It is easy to mount which enhances the safety of your children, as well as its ease of operation. It comes with pine slats that offer more support for a twin mattress. Furthermore, the headboard and footboard are solid and sturdy, and can easily accommodate a twin mattress.

In addition, there is ample storage room underneath the loft bed. You can comfortably incorporate a small desk, a chest of drawers, as well as a reading chair in this additional space.



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