10 best moses basket rocking stands

1. Jolly Jumper Rocking Moses Basket Stand, Expresso

This progressive rocking basket is crucial for just about any Jolly Jumper enthusiast. This great rocking stand is manufactured out of a light-weight hardwood with a even finished area. Basket sits safely in the stand, and permits you to take a seat beside it and delicately rock your important little bundle Basket sits 14″ previously mentioned the floor.

  • Sturdy wooden stand designed especially for Moses Baskets
  • Created from natural hardwood, simple to assemble
  • Gentle rocking motion soothes baby
  • Stand is 15-1/2″ wide x 33-1/2″ long
  • Fits most Moses baskets 30-33.5″ long and 13-13.5″ wide

2. Jolly Jumper Moses Basket Rocking Stand – Grey

Soothe your child to sleeping with the Jolly Jumper Rocking Basket Stand. The delicate rocking action helps lull your baby off into dreamland. This lightweight stand is simple to transport and includes a sturdy hardwood body. The Grey surface finish will stylishly match any room or nursery. Accommodates virtually all cots and the Jolly Jumper Moses Basket (sold separately).

3. Rocking Stand for Moses Basket – Natural

This ground breaking rocking basket is a must for just about any moses basket. This wonderful rocking stand is manufactured out of a light-excess fat hardwood with a clean finished surface area. Basket sits safely in the stand, and allows you to sit beside it and gently rock your treasured little bundle Basket sits 14 inches previously mentioned the floor.

4. Moses Basket Rocking Stand in Natural

Made from natural, solid hardwood, this rocker stand creates soothing motion for baby while they relaxes in a Moses basket. The basket sits securely in the stand while you sit down beside it and softly rock your little one.

5. Regal Rocker Rocking Stand – Natural – for Moses Basket

Accomodates baskets whose measurements are actually 15″ wide or perhaps less (BOTTOM BEYOND BASKET measurement) And 35″ long or less (top of basket measurement)
A beautiful Regal style with Elegant style features. Like no different moses basket stand ever before. Our unique and beautiful stand rocks like a cradle to lightly rock your child to sleep and comes with our solid wood end hoops, ours will be the Original others have copied.
Made of organic and natural all natural wood and does not have any paints or stains, or perhaps toxic finishes. Various extra completing touches you will not see on any other stand.
Can be stained or perhaps painted to match your own décor.. Shows up mostly assembled, with reduced very easy assembly needed. WE EVEN ARE THE TOOL!

6. Regal Rocker Rocking Stand – Espresso – for Moses Baskets

The Espresso Regal Rocker Moses Basket The stand by position Rockers by Richard is a beautifully hand made solid wood stand which allows you to keep baby close at all times. It’s the only all solid wood stand produced in the USA – it does not have any particle table, no plywood, no artificial parts. Our Moses basket stands are made to be used with standard size baskets such as Wendy Anne and Moba Moses baskets.

7. Jolly Jumper Rocking Wooden Moses Basket Stand, Antique White

Made from natural, good hardwood, this rocker stand creates soothing motion for baby while they relaxes in a good Moses basket. The basket sits safely in the stand when you stay beside it and smoothly rock your baby.

8. Stationary Stand, Natural for Moses Basket by Rockers by Richard

Made of all natural solid oak or ash hardwood and has no paints or spots, so it’s beautiful to work with just as it is or perhaps you can paint or perhaps stain to fit your own decor.
Shows up mostly assembled, with reduced super easy assembly required. Super easy, and we possibly include the tool!

9. Cnsupply Wooden Rocking Stand for Nursery Basket internal size 80 x 36.5 CM (1)

CNSupply Basket Rocking Sand is created with finely NZ Pine solid wood.All wood contrctuion.
No painting but sanding smoothly so no chemical smell for the tiny ones.
This Rocking Stand internal size is 80 x 36.5 CM (31.5 INCHES X 14.4 INCHES) and fits virtually all Rattan Baby Baskets.

10. Folding Moses Basket Stand – Natural

This useful piece is a ready assembled, durable moses basket stand from
Clair de Lune. It usually is folded away for convenient storage.

Suitable for all of the Clair de Lune Moses baskets or different brands measuring
Length: 70cm-83.5cms. Width: 30cm-33.5cms.


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